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Derek is a retired Emergency Medical Professional and has been a lover of telling stories his entire life, having made the transition from “filthy liar” to “sexy author” about the same time silver hairs started showing up in his face (and other places.)

In the early days, he attempted to write science fiction and high fantasy, but discovered it was more fun to write about people touching other people’s tingle-places (smut is cool.) while mixing in action, explosions, and plenty of WTF moments.

He’s also a gamer, gym rat, snow hater (despite living in Michigan), life liver, stunt double for Hulk, and he considers himself to be aggressively unfancy.


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Email his assistant, Melissa: melissa@authorderekadam.com

Melissa P has joined Team #touchmybutt and brings with her a love a naughty books as well as a charming personality and the promise to keep Derek on his toes, er, focused. 😉

She’s here to make life easier for both Derek and his adoring readers. You can find her in the reader group causing shenanigans or with her nose buried in a book. Either way, she’s likely up to no good.