Beyond the Veil Preorder Cancelled – Release Delayed

This morning I decided to delay the release of Beyond the Veil. I had the option of pushing the pre-order window by 30 days or cancelling it completely and opted to cancel the pre-order release.

There’s a fair bit left to write and while I’ve been able to complete some of my previous books in short windows, Beyond the Veil is one I feel deserves more time and treatment to wrap the story up properly without rushing it.

I also need to give significant time and energy to our housing situation. We’re staying with family in an effort to work toward purchasing a home since we’re tired of throwing money away renting property and if you’ve ever done it you know it’s  not easy squeezing two families into a single home.

I’m a laid back chum and it takes a lot to ruffle me, but my little ones I think are losing their tolerance for limited space. So, it’s important to me to continue driving toward that goal. That means the book has to take a back seat for a while longer.

That does not mean it won’t be finished. Work will progress on the book. I’m simply pushing the publish date. I can’t provide a firm date at this time but I will say that my intention is to have Beyond the Veil available for Rebels and Readers in November.

This focus on client work and the goal of purchasing a home has been the primary cause for my reduced presence online including a hold on takeovers, lives, and other general engagement. I’m working on my schedule to find a nice balance between the two since I don’t want to leave readers hanging without any updates or interactions. I recently mentioned I’d be reintroducing some live feeds, especially in the Romance and Erotica Author Fraternity Group, and I’m still committed to that.

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I hope you’re all having a great summer and have found some terrific books and new authors. I’ll be sure to share more updated as they come!

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