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Authors, I’ve had the pleasure of helping many people with marketing tips and advice including improving ad performance, newsletters, reader engagement, etc. I wanted to offer up a bit more than the usual advice with a few specific services to help my fellow indie authors.

I’ve done well with my indie publishing thanks to my marketing background, and to help others improve their marketing I’ve priced the services I’m offering super low to make them accessible to my fellow starving artists.

I have a very limited amount of availability with my own book writing and client schedule so my calendar will fill on a first come, first serve basis. Jump in early if you think you can benefit from any of the services I’m offering below.

As always, of course, my Facebook messenger is always open so if you just have a general marketing question and need a quick shot of help with something I’m always available for that and that’s always free.

Feel free to share with authors you think might be interested.


Newsletter Planning

I will help you develop a plan/strategy for your author newsletter whether you have an existing one to revamp or are new to email marketing and have never done one. This includes:

  • Generating ideas for content to include specific to your audience/genre
  • Content recommendations that fit your brand/voice/personality
  • Revise existing newsletter content/format to improve performance/engagement
  • Recommendations for a newsletter layout/template
  • Assistance with creating subject lines that get more email opens
  • List building recommendations to get new subscribers
  • General newsletter advice/consult included

Cost: $40


Amazon Sponsored Product Ad Assistance – Keyword Research & Ad copy

If you want to run a targeted Amazon pay per click (PPC) ad but have never run an ad campaign or had good results from one, I can do highly targeted keyword research to make sure your ads are popping up for the right people. This includes:

  • Up to 300 targeted keywords specifically targeted to your book and your readers – not a general recycled keyword list
  • Ad copy written for your sponsored product ad (up to 3 variations)
  • Ad budget, duration, and keyword bidding recommendations specific to your campaign/genre/keywords
  • Product page synopsis/description review with optimization recommendations based on keyword research to improve ad score, reduce cost per click, and improve conversions
  • General PPC ad consult included
  • Ad performance review during and at the end of the campaign including recommendations to continue improving ad performance for future campaigns.

Cost: $30


Facebook Advertising Consult

If you want to run targeted ads on Facebook I can provide you with a one hour consult to help you better understand how to use Facebook’s ad platform and improve the results of your ads. This would include:

  • How to laser-focus your audience targeting to get ads in front of the right people
  • Ad style/copy recommendations and what types of ads to run
  • Review of existing/past ads that you want to improve
  • What the numbers and data represent in your ad campaign results and how to use it to improve your campaigns
  • Ad budget, duration, and bidding recommendations
  • General Facebook ad consult included

Cost: $30

General Marketing Consult

If you have a lot of questions about marketing in general I can provide you with a one hour consult to help answer questions, review strategy, provide insight and direction in specific areas and help you get started with creating a simple, solid blueprint. This could include general consultation around:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media page engagement (broad or platform specific)
  • Growing a social following
  • Building a community/group
  • Paid advertising
  • Reader outreach and engagement
  • Branding
  • Content strategy (blogging, website content, interviews, etc)
  • Paid advertising
  • Finding new readers
  • Handling ARCs and release promotion with blogs and reviewers
  • Building a blogger list

Or any other marketing/growth related question you might have

Cost: $30

All services and consultations will be scheduled and ideally done via telephone/voice chat but messenger consults are available if preferred. Specific results are never guaranteed but if a campaign fails to perform after a consult I am more than happy to provide an additional consult with you to improve performance at no extra cost.

Booking: If you would like to book any service, please contact me via with the services/help you need and your availability over the next couple weeks. I’ll find the first available time slot, confirm that time with you, and send you an invoice. Services/consultation will not take place until the invoice is paid in full.

Cancellations: You can cancel any booking up to 24 hours before the consult and receive a full refund. Day-of-consult cancellations are non-refundable.

Missed Consultations: If you miss your consultation just reach out to reschedule it with me. No refunds are made on missed consultations

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Derek is a retired Emergency Medical Professional and has been a lover of telling stories his entire life, having made the transition from “filthy liar” to “sexy author” about the same time silver hairs started showing up in his face (and other places.) Aside from being a published author and freelance writer he’s also a gamer, gym rat, snow hater (despite living in Michigan), life liver, stunt double for Hulk, and he considers himself to be aggressively unfancy.

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